Secure Information Exchange

Inter-company data and document repository

Get to Know Convoke

What is Convoke?

Convoke connects enterprises to their vendors and other third parties to securely exchange data and documents. Information delivered through the exchange is stored in a secure repository. Convoke enables our customers to address complex business, vendor oversight, and regulatory compliance requirements.

How Convoke Works

Who Uses Convoke?

Enterprises that regularly send and receive information to and from third parties. These include financial services institutions, marketplace lenders, insurance companies, and government agencies, as well as third party vendors such as performing loan investors, attorneys, collection agencies, debt buyers, and servicers.

Convoke Markets

Why Use Convoke?

Convokeā€™s cloud-based application provides unprecedented third-party oversight and regulatory compliance capabilities, with robust reporting and analytics, and yields improved operating economics.

Convoke Features