Convoke Pulse

Convoke Pulse is a solution to manage recovery of post-charge-off balances. Integrate and consolidate data from multiple first- and third-party systems to accurately track balances and integrate all cost data at an account level. Pulse enables cost accounting, visibility into cost of collections, vendor performance management, and ROI analysis.

Convoke Pulse provides visibility into granular balance and cost data at both the account and portfolio levels

Recovery Balances

  • Ingest and integrate all post charge-off balance data
  • Combine and standardize data from multiple systems and third parties
  • Provide up-to-date balance information for each account
  • Incorporate all third-party cost data

Accounting System

  • Journal entry and general ledger functionality
  • View ledger details for any account
  • Serve as your system of record

Account Detail Hub

  • One location for all account-level data
  • Centralized and fully customizable
  • Enable required regulatory oversight, analytics, and integration with other systems

Account Performance Overview

  • Centralized view of all account data
  • Media, CRM, payment, and cost data
  • View and summarize account performance to inform ROI analysis and decisioning

A secure, market-tested platform that meets all your recovery, compliance, and security needs.