Convoke Freeform

Convoke Freeform is designed to be a flexible, secure, and easy to use collaboration platform for credit issuers, collection agencies, law firms, and debt buyers. With Freeform, users can upload, share, view, and download files easily – all in one centrally managed location. With its clear, intuitive design, Freeform provides endless flexibility for its users’ needs.

Convoke Freeform is built with security in mind on Convoke’s trusted, independently audited architecture with no data stored on public cloud services.

Incredibly Dynamic, Unbelievably Simple

Convoke Freeform supports hundreds of use cases out of the box, yet remains simple and intuitive for administrators and users alike.

Oversight and Audit

Share and collaborate on audit tasks, findings, sign-off, and securely store all supporting documentation.


Store and share vendor performance metrics in a single secure location.

Work Standards

Store work standards once and share across all your vendors in a single repository. If work standards change, upload to one single location for visibility to everyone.

Secured by Convoke

Convoke Freeform is built to the highest security standards on private infrastructure allowing for full visibility on a completely auditable platform, in contrast to other commercial solutions.


All data is encrypted within Convoke's security architecture, including the use of a hardware security module and unique private keys for every customer.


Full support for hardware multi-factor authentication and SSO.

Access Administration

Utilization of Convoke's trusted vendor architecture allows for simple access controls and the easy addition or removal of vendor access.

Convoke Freeform eliminates security and systemic organization challenges encountered with commercial sharing systems, shared drives, SFTP, and secure email.