Convoke Origin

Convoke's flagship product for credit issuers who use third parties to collect debt. Convoke Origin provides media management, compliance, and data sharing capabilities to enable creditors to increase recovery rates, reduce the burden of third-party oversight, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Built for Credit Issuers

Convoke Origin is the central hub between issuers and third parties to optimize media sharing, compliance, and performance

Transforming Collection Outcomes

Convoke Origin connects you and your third parties to accomplish your recovery goals

Grow Recovery

Convoke Origin provides essential insights into third-party actions, giving you the tools you need to improve decision-making, refine your collection strategies, and maximize recovery rates.

Reduce Costs

In today’s collections environment, credit issuers confront increasing compliance and operational expenses. Convoke Origin simplifies and automates tasks, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Improve Compliance

As collection regulations evolve, credit issuers seek innovative solutions to ensure compliance. Convoke Origin offers extensive features, instilling confidence in meeting regulatory requirements.

Protect Brand

Credit issuers aim to safeguard their reputation by ensuring fair treatment of consumers in collections. Convoke Origin equips issuers and third parties with tools to promote proper consumer treatment.

A secure, market-tested platform that meets all your recovery, compliance, and security needs.

Case Studies

See how other organizations have been using Convoke’s tools to transform their recoveries.