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Grow Recovery

The Convoke platform provides credit issuers tools that will give them key insights from third party collection actions. Using Convokeā€™s transformative capabilities, major credit issuers have achieved recoveries that were previously unattainable.

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Reduce Costs

Given the complexity of the collections industry, credit issuers are facing increasing compliance and operating costs. Convoke allows issuers to automate a wide variety of tasks, improving accuracy, compliance, and human capital efficiency.

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Improve Compliance

With current and future collection regulations imposed on the industry, credit issuers are looking for innovative tools that help them comply with the evolving regulatory landscape. Convoke provides a broad range of features that give issuers confidence they are in compliance with regulatory standards.

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Protect Brand

When consumers are in the collections process, credit issuers want to ensure fair treatment to protect their reputation and brand. Convoke provides issuers and their third parties the tools they need to minimize consumer harm and foster respect for consumers.

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