Collection Channels

Convoke supports the full range of collection channels that credit issuers use in their recovery strategies: agencies, attorneys, debt sales, and debt settlement. The platform has been engineered to help you manage the challenges of remaining compliant, while maximizing your recoveries.

Debt Sales
Debt Settlement


Complete transparency over all consumer communications (calls, emails, texts, letters, etc.)

Automated media fulfillment (upfront and post-placement orders)

Compliance violation reporting (Do Not Call, call caps, VOD SLAs, etc.)

Simple and immediate transfer of collection information when leveraging an agency network strategy


Tracking of legal milestones (suit, judgment, garnishment, etc.)

Visibility into every step in the legal collection process

Comprehensive issuer and law firm document management

Loading of military scrubs as well as SLA tracking

Debt Sales

Pre-sale validation of debt portfolios

Automated media fulfillment (upfront and post-sale orders)

Tracking of direct payments made to issuer and forwarded to buyer

Full support of loan buybacks

Debt Settlement

Transparency into all accounts in debt settlement

Secure and efficient platform for settlement negotiation

Immediate awareness of accounts no longer in settlement

Robust, central repository for all settlement artifacts

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Case Studies

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