Convoke CRM

Convoke integrates, organizes, and centralizes all CRM data, serving both performance and compliance needs. Convoke enables tracking of over 140 data categories spanning call center, digital, scrubs, legal activity, and more. With over 6 billion data records already loaded in the platform, Convoke can manage your CRM data for immediate visibility on all collection activity.

From Disparate Systems to One Centralized Platform

Data Volume and Complexity

  • Integrate data from all first- and third-party sources
  • Create a complete view of each account across all data types
  • Support for over 140 different data categories

Numerous Data Systems

  • Centralize all data in one location
  • Enable scalability across your collection process
  • All data accessed in one secure software login versus disparate systems

Complex Vendor Oversight

  • Track missing or overdue data records
  • Avoid duplicate data
  • Flag tasks for review and follow up

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

  • All required data elements for review and audit are in one centralized location
  • Enable regulatory reporting
  • Standardized process and interface for compliance management

Case Studies

See how other organizations have been using Convoke’s tools to transform their recoveries.