Convoke Introduces New Efficiencies to Reporting

Author: PRNewswire
Location: ARLINGTON, Va.
Date: Nov 9, 2020

Addition of Account Buyback Requests Enhances Credit Issuer and Debt Buyer Workflows

Convoke, a leader in SaaS solutions for the debt collection market, today announced the most recent software update to its debt collections compliance and management hub. Each year, Convoke develops and releases several updates to its platform to support its clients’ evolving needs. In its most recent release, Convoke has made important enhancements to its reporting download capabilities and account buyback workflow.

Reporting Downloads

Convoke now enables users to produce multiple reports simultaneously while continuing to perform other work on the platform and also without needing to keep their session active. This is especially useful when there are extensive reporting results that require complex analytics or data analysis. Users may now download the reports at their convenience, either within the same session that the reports were initiated, or in a future session, thereby increasing their productivity.

Buyback Requests

Convoke now supports the ability for either credit issuers or debt buyers to request buybacks on specific loans that have been sold. This enhanced feature provides support for the entire end-to-end process from the initiation of the request to its completion, which can be performed in batch when multiple accounts are involved. This assists both parties in their ongoing efforts to comply with regulatory standards and protect the consumer from improper collection activities.

About Convoke

Convoke is a collections intelligence platform that is transforming the way credit issuers manage third party debt collection, leveraging a decade of experience for the issuers it serves. It provides unprecedented transparency and accountability, facilitating issuer debt validation and third-party oversight. With its powerful reporting, tracking, and auditing capabilities, issuers are able to have confidence that they are in compliance with internal and regulatory requirements. Convoke enables credit issuers to grow recovery, reduce costs, improve compliance, and protect their brand. Convoke is headquartered in Arlington, VA. For more information on Convoke, please visit


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SOURCE: Convoke