Convoke Introduces Debt Settlement Feature to its Platform

Author: PRNewswire
Location: ARLINGTON, Va.
Date: Oct 29, 2018

Latest Release Also Adds Support for Auto Repossession APIs, Single Sign-on Capability, and new Data Groups

Convoke, a leader in SaaS solutions for the debt collection market, today announced the most recent software update to its debt collections compliance and management hub. Each year, Convoke develops and releases several updates to its platform to support its clients’ evolving needs. This latest major release includes the introduction of Convoke’s debt settlement feature, the addition of single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, the use of APIs for auto repossession, as well as new Data Groups.

Debt Settlement Support
Convoke has introduced a new feature to support credit issuer needs with consumers who have engaged debt settlement agencies (DSAs) to help them resolve past due accounts. The new DSA feature allows credit issuers to more easily manage and expedite the debt settlement process by leveraging Convoke’s core functionally. The new feature facilitates, tracks, and automates the interaction between the credit issuer and the DSA, providing an essential innovation to the credit issuer/DSA workflow. The debt settlement feature adds to existing collection channels supported by Convoke, which include debt sales, agency collections, legal collections, and auto repossession.

API Support
The recent software update made various enhancements to Convoke’s Auto Repossession functionality, most notably the introduction of an application program interface (API) which allows auto repossession users to receive instantaneous notification of, or query for, actions that have been dynamically generated or recorded in Convoke.

Single Sign-on
The Convoke platform employs state-of-the-art security infrastructure. Their most recent update brings Single Sign-on (SSO) functionality using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). Customers can now choose to authenticate and authorize users through their central user management system. This securely eliminates additional passwords and improves user experience and productivity.

Data Groups
Convoke has created six new Data Groups in support of its new debt settlement feature, which became available in the recent software update. These new Data Groups will further assist the issuer and the DSAs in their efforts to track the settlement of an account throughout its entire lifecycle. Additional Data Groups were introduced in the recent software update to support the other collections channels, including a new scrub data group which helps the credit issuers quickly identify bankruptcy and probate accounts.

About Convoke

Convoke is a leader in SaaS solutions for the debt collection market. It enables credit issuers to comply with regulatory and internal requirements and manage and monitor debt collection activities for all third-parties. Convoke’s online platform is a central, validated and persistent hub that records, organizes and stores information and activities, facilitates, tracks and automates interaction with third parties, and provides powerful auditing, management and reporting tools. Convoke is headquartered in Arlington, VA. For more information on Convoke, please visit


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