Balance Tracking & Cost Accounting from Convoke's Trusted Platform

Author: PRNewswire
Location: ARLINGTON, Va.
Date: May 31, 2023


Convoke Pulse is a solution to manage recovery of post charge-off balances. Integrate and consolidate data from all first- and third-party systems for a complete and accurate view of each account. Balance and cost data is automatically updated, granular, and easy to access. Convoke Pulse ensures you have up-to-date and accurate information on balances and costs to manage both performance and compliance.

Convoke Pulse enables general ledger accounting functionality and can serve as your system of record. The new Account Detail Hub provides a central location for all account-level data. It is fully configurable and customizable, enabling regulatory oversight, analytics, and integration with other systems. Like other Convoke products, Convoke Pulse is built with security in mind on Convoke's trusted, independently audited architecture, with no data stored in the public cloud.

"Convoke Pulse represents a major step forward in our product suite," said David Pauken, CEO of Convoke. "We aim to support credit issuers with the entire collection and recovery process, and the ability to integrate and track balance and cost data is critical for our customers. The development of Convoke Pulse will also enable more innovative products in the months and years ahead."

Convoke Pulse builds on the 2022 launch of Convoke Freeform: a flexible, secure, and easy-to-use collaboration platform. Convoke will continue to develop and expand the product suite to address both the business needs and regulatory requirements of credit issuers.

About Convoke

Convoke provides modern recovery solutions for credit issuers to support the debt collection process. The Convoke team provides industry-leading SaaS support to customers, leveraging 12+ years of industry experience. With its innovative and versatile products, Convoke enables creditors to increase recovery rates, reduce the burden of third-party oversight, and ensure regulatory compliance. Convoke is headquartered in Arlington, VA. For more information on Convoke, please visit


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