Convoke enables web-based data and document sharing among organizations contending with sensitive, high-volume content. It’s becoming the trusted means to distribute and transparently manage valuable, compliance-critical content to multiple partners, investors, and stakeholders.

Convoke ensures data integrity while expediting workflow. It means streamlined third-party interaction, improved operational efficiency, and welcome reassurance in the face of ongoing regulatory pressure.

Here’s Why it Matters…

Forward-thinking organizations are able to integrate and manage automated business processes, securely exchanging information such as billing statements and other financial documents, legal documents and records, and even multimedia files, among once-incompatible applications, whether within or across organizational boundaries.

In addition to facilitating document exchange and collaboration, Convoke is also delivering a breakthrough means of enhanced vendor oversight and regulatory compliance. This has become increasingly critical as financially focused organizations work to keep up with constantly changing laws. Convoke is the secure, accessible, intuitive solution to today’s high-stakes data-sharing challenges.

History and Background

Convoke was founded in 2006 in San Francisco, CA, by a local technology entrepreneur and two Michigan-based collection attorneys. The initial vision for Convoke was to “solve the information supply chain problem” that plagued the collections industry by using innovative cloud technology.

Convoke first completed extensive analyses of the information supply chain needs of credit issuers, debt buyers, collection agencies, and collection attorneys. Using this information, an exceptional group of software architects and engineers designed and built the Convoke software platform, a uniquely innovative solution for the collections industry.

When the initial development was completed in 2009, Convoke had created a SaaS application that enables secure inter-company exchange of electronic documents and claims data. The application serves both as an exchange and as a repository that is easy to use and implement.

In 2011, Convoke relocated the business operations and corporate headquarters to Arlington, VA, just a few miles from Washington, DC. Our customers include some of the largest financial institutions in the world, providing a secure information exchange and repository for hundreds of their third party relationships. Convoke has become an indispensable part of their vendor management and compliance oversight process. We maintain two US data centers separated by 500 miles for production and disaster recovery.

Our management team includes executives that individually have more than 25 years of experience managing and leading growth-oriented businesses. We have an extraordinary team of software developers, systems engineers, and quality control personnel who develop and maintain the Convoke product. With our philosophy of continuous improvement, we release 4-6 major upgrades to Convoke software each year that add functionality, improve the user experience, and enhance security.

Convoke’s goal is to build a profitable and enduring company by putting customers first and making decisions for the long term. Our software products are designed to solve our customers’ third party information supply chain problems. We are a growing and vibrant technology company that looks forward to an exciting future.