Convoke Simplifies Consumer Complaints

The Problem

A major credit issuer was tracking consumer complaints made against its vendors using an internal, spreadsheet- based solution. Since information about these complaints was being delivered by phone and email, the issuer could not be confident they had all the relevant data in their system. Because of this, they were struggling to evaluate complaints, track resolutions, monitor SLAs, and ensure compliance.

The Solution

By implementing Convoke’s complaints management solution and tracking all complaints in a central repository, the issuer replaced an inefficient, manual process with seamless workflows. They were able to fully evaluate complaints, easily measure vendors’ SLA performance, and receive automated complaint data pushes to their internal systems. This greatly improved their efficiency and care for customers, with a more than 300% increase in the number of complaints reviewed.

Understanding the Issues with the Old System

One of Convoke’s customers — an established US credit issuer — was struggling to efficiently track and resolve consumer complaints with its third-party collectors. Since consumer complaints often attract scrutiny from regulators, these workflow problems were uniquely concerning. Under the existing process, the vendor would send the customer’s initial complaint information to the issuer by email. The issuer then recorded it in a spreadsheet so that it could be imported into their internal system. As the vendor gathered additional information, they would communicate it over email and phone. This created a variety of problems in the issuer’s complaint resolution process.

Since the information was being delivered by email and phone, the issuer could not be confident they had received and stored all the complaint data sent to them by the vendor. This made it very difficult for them to assign complaints for evaluation, track vendor complaint resolution and SLA compliance, and ensure a proper resolution. It also increased the likelihood of consumer harm, which could have prompted additional consumer complaints and possible regulatory action.

Bringing New Order and Clarity to the Process

By implementing Convoke’s complaints management solution, the issuer was able to completely transform the way it received and handled complaints from consumers. Once implemented, they could track the details of each complaint until it was resolved. Vendors now opened complaints directly on the Convoke platform, allowing the issuer to access and review the relevant details very easily. Upon review, the issuer could then assign the complaint to the appropriate internal party, or to the vendor for additional review and work. Any further information gathered during the process could be added to Convoke, facilitating easy updates. Consequently, the issuer now had complete confidence that no complaint information would be missed during the resolution process.

Using Convoke to track complaints meant the issuer was also able to categorize complaints into customized groups for easy reporting and work assignment. Customized SLAs helped them monitor their vendors’ performance in reaching a speedy resolution. This dramatically increased their efficiency, enabling them to work with their vendors on four times the number of complaints per month than they had previously, and ensure proper consumer care.