Innovative Information Exchange

A better way to share and store third-party data and documents

What is Convoke?

Convoke connects enterprises to their vendors and other third parties for the purpose of secure inter-company exchange of data, documents, and audio. While serving as both an exchange and a repository, Convoke enables our customers to address complex business, vendor oversight, and regulatory compliance requirements. Convoke achieves this using an enterprise quality software as a service (SaaS) platform, which has been market tested and tailored to operate on a large scale.

The results speak for themselves:

Vendor oversight in real time
Operational efficiency and process automation
Compliance management in the face of regulatory pressure

How Convoke Works

Our SaaS solution allows customers and their third parties to easily upload data and documents, whether as individual files or in batch, using popular automated processes with encrypted communications. Once on our secure servers, information is accessible for any user with appropriate permission.

Who Uses Convoke?

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Convoke users are enterprises that need to both provide and receive large amounts of documents and data, interacting with third parties on a routine basis. The information can be in any digital format and can include data, documents, pictures, and audio files. Third-party relationships include vendors such as performing loan investors, attorneys, collection agencies, debt buyers, mortgage servicers, mortgage custodians, and student loan services, among many others.

Convoke customers typically need to track their information by account number (or any unique identifier) so that anything they need can be found in one place, even years later. They want to be careful who they allow to see and use their information, and need the ability to easily turn access on and off. Finally, Convoke customers need their information to be mobile. In other words, if a third party loads information onto Convoke, it can securely be made available to another third party.

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