How it Works

Debt collection is a complex process. With multiple pieces of information passing between multiple parties in multiple formats, there’s a high risk of miscommunication, duplication, and confusion. Convoke eliminates those problems by bringing everything together in a simple, intuitive system.

The Platform

All Collection Channels – One Platform

Convoke serves as the central, secure hub between credit issuers and third parties who collect consumer debt. It provides deep insights into the granular details of all collection actions, allowing for transparency and accountability for every aspect of recovery.

Capture All Data Files

Convoke is a SaaS-based solution that connects credit issuers with third parties, including collection agencies, attorneys, and debt buyers, among others. The platform acts as a secure, centralized storage hub. Issuers and third parties can upload any kind of collections information, including documents, structured data, and contact types (emails, call recordings, texts, images, and more). It is the objective record for all collection and oversight actions.

Every collection organization has its own processes for handling and transferring information. Consequently, it’s not uncommon for critical communications to fail, or for key data to go missing. To mitigate these risks, Convoke enables third parties to deliver collections information in a standardized format. This greatly reduces the potential for errors and consumer harm.

Debt Validation and Oversight

Once on Convoke, users can access, track, and review information immediately. Third parties can verify the accuracy and consistency of collection artifacts, allowing them to validate debt and have confidence in account balances. Issuers gain full oversight of all activities, so they can monitor performance and meet their compliance responsibilities, ensuring transparency and accountability for every collection task.

Actionable Intelligence

Convoke’s ability to capture, standardize, and validate collections information of any type provides the intelligence for credit issuers to grow recovery, reduce costs, improve compliance, and protect their brand. The deep insights provided by the granular details captured in Convoke paired with high speed to market reporting put Convoke customers on the cutting edge of industry standards.