Complete and Centralized Recovery Management

Convoke Pulse is a solution to manage recovery of post charge-off balances. Integrate and consolidate data from multiple first and third party systems for a complete and accurate view of each account. Create a centralized hub for all account data with general ledger accounting functionality.

Recovery Balances

  • Ingest and integrate all post charge-off balance data
  • Combine and standardize data from multiple systems and third parties
  • Provide up-to-date balance information for each account
  • Incorporate all 3rd party cost data

Accounting System

  • Journal entry and general ledger functionality
  • View ledger details for any account
  • Serve as your system of record

Account Detail Hub

  • One location for all account-level data
  • Centralized and fully customizable
  • Enable required regulatory oversight, analytics, and integration with other systems