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Convoke Features

Efficient and reliable exchange for your documents, data, and multimedia is just the beginning. Convoke offers control and clarity that makes every facet of external information sharing more advantageous. Intuitive dashboards and interfaces allow approved users to confirm the location, content, and next steps for any document or data point.

With Convoke, you illuminate unknowns of third-party information, allowing for real management in real time.

Information Mobility

Information Exchange

Convoke provides a totally new and innovative way to exchange critical information with any third party. It’s all done on one integrated platform that is private and secure, providing a transformative impact on vendor oversight and compliance management.

  • Single interface between enterprise and all third parties
  • Bi-directional data, document, and audio mobility
  • Document request and delivery tracking
  • Third party information accessibility (e.g. granting permission to agencies, attorneys, debt buyers, etc.)
  • System-of-record integration between enterprise and third parties
Vendor Oversight

Vendor Oversight

Using one integrated platform to exchange all of your third party content enables unprecedented review and audit of your vendors. You can assess adherence to service level agreement metrics, operating performance, and compliance requirements, all in one place.

  • Single scoreboard to measure performance
  • Enterprise and third parties see the same information
  • Oversight at both the vendor relationship and account levels
  • Workflow, audit, and edit functionality
  • Complaint and dispute management, tracked at the account level

Compliance Management

Convoke gives you the power to communicate and validate understanding of regulations among all stakeholders. Now, you can quickly confirm adherence to required protocols and performance mandates, slashing response times to meet or exceed expectations.

  • Measurable improvement of regulatory compliance
  • Easily adapts to a changing regulatory environment
  • Data driven reporting to assess compliance
  • Effective internal and external audit tool
  • Easily prove your compliance management to your regulator

Improved Economics

Convoke effectively eliminates time-consuming paper-based interaction, replacing numerous manual processes with streamlined automation. Once implemented, there is no more duplication of effort.

  • Grow revenue through enhanced investment, collections, and asset recovery
  • Economy of scale benefits from standardized processes for all users
  • Substantial reduction in manual processes
  • SaaS platform requires no capital expenditures or ongoing software maintenance
  • Reduced regulatory compliance risk


Convoke reporting is built to be flexible and intuitive. Our customers and users get the information they need when they need it – exportable, dynamic, and easy to use.

  • Robust and configurable reporting
  • Report on any data point captured by Convoke
  • Adaptable to a changing environment
  • Eliminate dispersed and disparate reporting systems
  • Report on status, inventory, activity, and exceptions


Convoke’s ability to capture enterprise and third-party information in one platform enables unparalleled analytics. Convoke can capture any data point desired by our customers, bringing analytics to a whole new level.

  • Measure risk quantitatively and uncover factors critical to managing and reducing risk
  • Identify ways to make processes and people more productive
  • Apply quantitative techniques to support operations and tactical planning
  • Find new opportunities to decrease cost and increase revenue/collections
  • Improve business performance by embedding Convoke intelligence into your decision making

Supported Documents

Convoke can support any document, data point, or audio file – there is no limit to the type or quantity.  If you want to track it, report on it, monitor it, exchange it, or just keep it, Convoke makes it easy.

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