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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Convoke a recovery management system or a collection software application?
Convoke is neither. All of our customers have either a collection software application or recovery management system, and use Convoke to enhance the functionality of existing systems.
Why do your customers use Convoke?
Convoke customers want to use one system to manage the information flow to and from their third parties. They want to be able to track, report, and analyze all the information and interactions with their third parties, as well as audit and edit the information. Finally, they want to replace multiple systems and processes with one cohesive solution.
What type of information can Convoke handle?
Convoke can be used for data, documents, audio, or video in any combination. All information needs to be in an electronic format.
How do I get my information into Convoke?
Convoke customers and their vendors can upload documents or data into Convoke using any of the following three methods: 1) individually, 2) batch files through the user interface, or 3) an automated SFTP batch interface.
How many different types of documents may be shared in Convoke?
A user may define an unlimited number of different document types to be shared.
Convoke is a SaaS platform. What does that really mean?
Being SaaS-based means Convoke software is installed on our servers, in our data centers, managed by our employees. That includes security, configuration, programming, maintenance, and customer support. Access to Convoke is obtained through the Internet using a web browser like Internet Explorer. There is no equipment or software that our customers need to purchase to use Convoke.
Do I need any special equipment to use Convoke?
All you need is a PC with Internet access.
How long does it take to implement?
Convoke has been designed to be easy to use and implement. It can support various levels of integration with the systems of our customers. It is possible to implement in as little as 30 days but typically takes 90 to 120 days if more integration is desired. Regardless of the timeframe, a full-time effort over the implementation period is not required.
How easy is it to use Convoke?
We typically train the majority of our users in less than two hours. It can be done over the phone using screen sharing software like WebEx or GoTo Meeting. In some cases, we provide in-person training for groups of users.
How often do you update Convoke software?
Convoke releases new versions of our software approximately every three months, allowing us to quickly adjust to new customer requirements and technology, as well as respond to the ever-changing regulatory environment.
As a Convoke user, will I receive all the updates when a new version is released?
Yes, all active Convoke users receive all updates as they are released at no additional charge. Since Convoke is SaaS-based and is maintained on our secure servers, you don’t have to do anything to use the updated software. Just access it using a web browser as you would normally.
Are there any volume constraints on Convoke?
How does Convoke transmit information securely?
Convoke utilizes SSL for encrypting the data while being transmitted.
Is sensitive data stored in Convoke encrypted to protect privacy?
All personally identifiable information is encrypted when it is saved to Convoke servers.
What type of logon security do you have?
Convoke requires all users to use multifactor authentication. Convoke uses RSA tokens for the second form of authentication.
Is Convoke PCI compliant?
Yes, we undergo an annual PCI audit and have a current Attestation of Compliance for Onsite Assessments – Service Providers.
Is Convoke SSAE 16 compliant?
Yes, we undergo an annual SSAE 16 audit and have a clean SSAE 16 Type II report.
Does Convoke have its own data center?
Convoke contracts with a global leader in cloud and managed solutions for its data centers. We have a production data center and a disaster recovery data center that both rate Level 3+. Our data centers are approximately 500 miles apart and located in the United States. We own all of our equipment in the data centers and all of our customer data resides on our servers.